i miss orphan black

I try to get roles that challenge me in what I can do and who I think I can portray. For me, it’s about creating characters with really fascinating stories, because that’s what I like to watch on TV.

Évelyne Brochu for Elle Québec

That’s oddly romantic. And totally encouraging. 



what an interesting turn of events lol

make me choose ♡ sclys asked 

↳ cosima and delphine or cosima and sarah

"I just want to make crazy science with you."

Just one. I’m a few. No family, too. Who am I?

1x09 // Hendrix (surprise) maid services

Leo Fitz Week » Day Two: Favourite OutFitz

- I realized the life inside of me was in danger so I ran. I hid and gave birth to the two of you in secret.
- The two of us?
- Yeah. I had twins.

Every Clara Oswald Episode:
↳ 8.06 | The Caretaker

Fitzsimmons & Skyeward; 1x01 | 2x01

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